Sunday, October 7, 2007

What happened to those nice old people that used to live here?

Yesterday while Mommy and Grandma napped, Daddy and Zayde were supposed to be watching me. When Grandma got up she found Zayde and Daddy passed out on the couch and me sitting in a puddle of water I'd dumped out of Coby's bowl. When Mommy came in the room, Daddy (without opening his eyes or waking up) said "we did a good job taking care of her."

After Shabbat, Grandma cried while she was giving me my bath and putting me to bed. (Of course, she cried when she bathed me yesterday too, because she wasn't sure she get to bathe me tonight.)

This morning when I woke up, they were gone! Too bad. I really liked them.

When I was supposed to be napping I figured out how to take off my pants. I learned how to take off my shirt about a week ago. Just in time for winter!

We were all very proud of how Daddy got me ready for bed and put me down all by himself. I didn't even kvetch because I wanted him to know how proud I am. They say it's part of the "weaning" process, which is supposed to be for my own good. Then why have Mommy and I been crying all day? (Maybe it's because Grandma and Zayde left?)

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Grandma said...

If it weren't Shabbat I would have loved to take a picture of your daddy & Zayde sleeping while you were dumping water from Coby's bowl & throwing clothes around the living room ! Ask Mommy to tell you what a "Kodak moment" is.