Monday, October 22, 2007

Dance Marathon

I am obsessed with music. If it's ever quiet in th house I go over to the TV and start smacking it, trying to push the buttons, bouncing up and down and yelling to Mommy to come put a CD in.

When she does I get so excited I can't help but dance.

Wait till my swimming teacher sees what I can do! I'll be the only kid in my class that knows how to blow bubbles in the water.

Mommy and I played patty-cake too - I like to smack her hands! I also like to help her clap her hands together. But it's no fun to play patty-cake when Mommy has one hand on the camera, so I just clapped along. At the end you can see how I sign "all done!"


Grandma said...

Eliana, thank you for brightening my day with your dancing & all the fun things you do in the tub ! Also, thank your mommy for filming all these great moments & putting them on this bolg.

Izzy Wess said...

i like your mullet!