Monday, October 1, 2007


This morning Grandma put a clean new outfit on me and brought me down to the hotel breakfast in the sukka. I ate and then crawled around till my brand new pants were black. As soon as breakfast was over I had to change!

When I was ready for my morning nap, all five of us (minus Coby, who is still at the sitter's - there wouldn't have been room for him anyway) piled into the car to go to the beach in Yaffo. Daddy took me on the biggest slide I've ever been on. Even he said it was scary! I loved it. I saw a big dog named Red (that was his color too) and climbed right on top of him without even asking permission. Good thing he likes babies!

We played in the sand and in the waves and had so much fun.

Then Mommy and Grandma washed me off in a sink and Daddy changed me into a clean outfit.

Then we drove to a fancy hall called Keter Rimon in Bnei Brak. There were bridges, waterfalls, and giant goldfish to be seen. Grandma's friend Annie and her sister had donated two ambulances in memory of their parents and we went to the reception and a luncheon in a giant sukka. Of course, Daddy had to change me into a fancy dress when we got there.

After the luncheon we went to Aunt Tahli's house in Kfar Saba. I was tired because I missed my second nap, but I got a second wind when I saw my cousins and got to play with them. It was too hot for my fancy dress so we took it off and I played in just a diaper.

Then we drove to Ramat Gan, where we had dinner at a restaurant called Spaghettim with Grandma's friends the Baratzes. There were ten people at our table and we took up the whole sukka! Daddy was excited to eat there because it just opened and is the first kosher branch of a very popular restaurant. I was still naked when we got there so I quickly changed into a new onesie Grandma brought me with a watermelon on it. We had spaghetti (of course). I crawled around the sukka and flirted with the waitresses. When I got cranky (because it was way past my bedtime) Grandma ordered me ice cream. Everyone marvelled at how well I behaved considering how late it was. They said "if this is how she acts when she's overtired, how sweet is she when she's in a good mood?" Benny Baratz said I am so good-natured because I was raised on Mommy's milk and not bottles.

I fell asleep as soon as we got in the car. That was a LONG and very busy day. Good thing we had enough outfits prepared for each event!

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