Saturday, July 7, 2007

Yummy Day with Daddy

Daddy let me try strawberry yogurt this morning. YUM! It was like ice cream! Not that I know what ice cream is. But that's what Mommy and Daddy said. If this ice cream stuff is anywhere near as good as strawberry yogurt, I can't wait!

Daddy brought snacks to shul, as usual, to keep me entertained. He took out the Cheerios so I would be quiet during Torah reading, but it didn't work. Instead I started making "num num" noises, squealing, and talking to the Cheerios!

Mommy moved out of her room last week so she could sleep better. Turn out I sleep better too. I go to bed between 6 and 7 and sleep straight through till 4 or 5. Then she nurses me and I go back to sleep till 6:30.
She tried to sleep in her bed last night but I woke up 4 times so I guess it's back to the guest room for her.

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