Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Home Alone

Today I took my first bus ride.

Mindy, Denny and I went to the city center to do some errands. I liked riding on the bus, eating a bagel with cream cheese, and watching street performers.

Tonight was the first time a babysitter stayed with me while I was awake and then put me to bed. The other two times I've had a sitter it was while I was asleep (or supposed to be asleep). My relatives or friends have watched me, and once Mindy put me down for a nap, but this was a real milestone (for Mommy, anyway).

Mommy, Daddy, Mindy and Denny went to a Netanya Tigers game. They lost. Daddy says it's because their good luck charm (me) wasn't there.

Shacham (my sitter) and I played, ate dinner, and then I cried for about 15 minutes in my crib before going to sleep.

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