Monday, July 16, 2007

Shopaholic, continued

Today Mommy and I went shopping for some musical instruments for my music class. (Mommy and I will be taking over leading the class, since it is on break till the fall.) At one store I got out of the stroller and crawled gleefully toward the shelves, grabbing lots of toys and babbling excitedly. Mommy had to buy me a ball so I would let her put the other toys back. (Then I threw the ball in the street - it's not my fault Daddy's coworkers that we bumped into can't catch!)

We went to another store and Mommy put me on the floor to play while she looked around. I took toys off the shelves and scattered them all over the place. The shoppers thought I was cute, but I think the workers were a little annoyed (even though Mommy put EVERYTHING back before we left).

I was so excited to see all the toys that I started cruising - for REAL! Mommy thought it was the shopping, but when we got home Daddy told her that I cruised along the couch to him this morning. What can I say? I'm Daddy's girly girl.

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