Monday, July 9, 2007

Who's smarter - me or Mommy?

I've recently learned that I don't HAVE to cry if I get put in my crib and I'm not ready to go to sleep yet; I can play and talk and sing. For a few minutes, anyway. I'm told it's quite cute. Mommy says she needs a periscope so she can peek around the corner and see what I'm doing.

Mommy also attached my blankie to my crib bumper so I can't throw it out of the crib and then cry for someone to come pick it up for me. She thinks she's so smart. It took me a few days, but I got it off and threw it out again, so HA!

It is SO funny when I am standing on the floor and Mommy lays on the bed because our faces are at the same level. It cracks me up!

When I was eating my lunch, every time I started to hold my challah out as if to drop it on the floor, Mommy said "no" and I stopped. Then I'd do it again, just to test her. But then she looked away for one second, and when she looked back at me the challah was gone, and Coby was walking away with a contented grin on his face.

When there is something little - a dollop of cream cheese, one last Cheerio, a pea, some juice and seeds from a tomato - on my high chair tray, I bend down and try to pick it up with my mouth. I don't know why that makes Mommy and Daddy always laugh. It makes sense to me.

Mommy put a LOT of my books in the laundry basket and loaned them to a friend on Shabbat. She hasn't put them away yet, so the basket it sitting in the middle of the floor. Every time I crawl over to it and pull one out, she reads it to me. WARNING to babies who just want to tear the pages: DO NOT fall for the books-in-the-basket trick. You will just get educated!

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Zayde said...

LOL! Scary smart. Be nice to Mommy and Daddy and don't wear them out... They need their strength to keep up and take care of you.