Monday, April 30, 2007

New discoveries

This morning when I woke up I decided to show Mommy a trick I learned from Coby - letting my tongue hang out. Mommy stuck out her tongue too and I grabbed it. It was funny.

Today Mommy and I resumed our Mommy & Baby Shiur, which was on hiatus for 4 months. I crawled from mommy to mommy and tried to steal their gemara sheets and eat them. Everyone thought it was very cute. I also grabbed toys out of other babies' hands (they started it!) and there was some pushing and shoving, too. It's fun to play with other babies.

While at the shiur, I also decided it was time to learn to balance. I wasn't too successful, but I have been trying all day to stand up without holding onto anything.

I must be teething because I am chewing on my thumb alot lately. It's yummy. But, then, so are my toes.

Tonight Mommy was trying to eat spinach with melted cheese but I kept bugging her till she gave me some. I ate lots of it! (And this was just a few minutes after pretending I wasn't hungry so I wouldn't have to eat baby food.) I think this is going to be the beginning of many years of demanding to eat whatever's on Mommy's plate.

Here are some pictures of me playing with Coby's tail. After awhile he got annoyed and walked away.

At bed time I discovered a few things: when I rub the silky part of my bunny blanket on my head, it feels nice. Also, if I flail my arms around enough, I can find Mommy's finger, which is much nicer to hold than my BunBun. And once I find her neck, I feel around until I find her locket, which is one of my favorite toys. And one more thing: after I'm full, if I pretend I'm still nursing, Mommy will keep holding me and rocking me. (Shh! Don't tell!)

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