Monday, April 2, 2007

A stand-up kind of girl

This morning I learned to pull myself to standing. At 2:30 am. While blowing raspberries. Mommy would have been thrilled* if she hadn't been so tired. She's ready for this jet-lag to be over. I say..."let's play!"

I also like to take a sip of breast milk, sit up and look around (or even crawl away) and then come back 30 seconds later for another sip. It drives Mommy crazy. Haha!

* Note from Mommy: I'm very proud. I just wish Eliana had learned to sleep through the night before she learned to stand. Now when she wakes up, instead of kvetching a little and gong back to sleep, she stands up and screams until I come lay her back down. Who ever said mommies need sleep?

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