Friday, April 20, 2007

Busy day

Today when it was time for the crawling activity, Daddy told Yael (my swimming teacher) that I could participate. She didn't believe him because I couldn't do it last week - but I showed her!

After that Daddy, Coby & I went grocery shopping for Shabbat. I stayed up for so many hours that I was wiped out when we got home. I screamed and screamed when Daddy tried to change my poopy diaper, so he didn't even try to put clean clothes on me - he just handed me to Mommy to nurse me. I was so exhausted that I feel right to sleep. Mommy felt sorry putting me in my crib naked, but I couldn't have cared less. Clean diaper, warm milk, Mommy's arms - what more does a naby need?

Unle Mendy & Doda Karen came over for Shabbat dinner. Doda Karen fed me Mommy's yummy chicken soup and chicken - my favorites!

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