Saturday, April 21, 2007


Today Mommy and I made a "surprise" birthday party for Daddy. (He figured it out about a week ago, but he still acted surprised.) We had a big picnic at the park and all of Daddy's friends came - Rachel & Ezra, Shira & Lee, Shmuel & Talya & Tzvi, Reuven & Lynn & Adina & Hillel, Sarah & Barry, Tova & Zaki, Ariela & Moshe, Zev, Simcha, Ted, Nosson, Jane, Dina, Ian, Yoseph, Shaya, Yedida, Shaiel, and of course Aunt Tahli, Uncle Tomer, Yuvali, Yoavi, Doda Karen & Uncle Mendy.

Daddy prepared a Dvar Torah about the significance of the age of 30 in Judaism. I tried to eat the Dvar Torah. I love Torah so much, I want to internalize it!

I wore my pretty yellow dress and my new sun hat to the picnic. I barely saw Mommy all afternoon because I was so busy being passed around, playing, watching doggies, picking grass, and eating picnic food (and my pink ribbon). I tried to grab a drumstick off someone's plate! I also tasted honeydew today. I came home so tired, but it was worth it because everyone had so much fun.

I now officially wave back when people wave at me! (Though I still prefer to flap both arms at once.)

Tonight we visited Nachum Kanovsky and his sister Nechama who are sitting shiva for their brother Moishe. They told wonderful stories about how since he was in fifth grade he would go to his rebbe's house to learn after school instead of playing outside. His father was disabled and he would go to clean his apartment and take out the garbage. I would like to dedicate today's blog post to Moshe Menachem Kanovsky and his family.

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