Monday, December 15, 2008

Excuses, excuses

Daddy bought me two new books when he went to London. One was a book of fairy tales. I love The Three Little Pigs and insist on hearing it almost every night.

Today at nap time I chose the new Chanuka book instead. When I saw the candles I covered my eyes. (And when I see the Havdala candles I ask for Challah. It's so confusing.) When we got to the part about the Macabees I happily repeated "Maca-bee. Micky-bee. Macky-bee."

In a birthday goody bag today I got a plastic dreidle with chocolate coins inside. But I don't know they're chocolate. I think they're "dakka" and asked Mommy if I could put them in the "box!" She says I'm a mitzva girl.

In addition to "ceamup" (clean up) I now also say "seemup" (stand up). Today I told Mommy to sit and then added "Ami cry, seemup" - if Ami cries you can stand up! Then we played a game where I told Mommy to pretend she was sleeping and then told her to "seemup." She said it's not "seemup," it's "wake up," so then I told her to "weebup."

I call Mommy to come back into my room a million times after she puts me to bed. It used to be just to cover me or to bring me my blankie or a drink of water but now I have lots of other excuses. I need her to sing "Wock" (Rock-a-bye Baby, which unfortunately sounds like "walk" so sometimes she has trouble understanding me), "Ticku-Sah" (Twinkle Star) and "Boat" (Row Your Boat). I need her to sing "eyes" (Sh'ma) again.

Today I called "Mommy, help!" so Mommy came and asked me what I needed help with. I was looking at my fairy tale book and said "Page. Fwind it. Woof (wolf) ffffffff (blow) pigs." So Mommy found me the page. She keeps saying "This is the last time, I'm not coming in again." Yeah, right.

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Kathy said...

Ah.....the never-ending excuses of a child who doesn't want to go to bed. I'm always amazed at the creativity and brilliance of the things Meghan comes up with to delay bedtime or get me to come to her room just one more time.

I stopped the requests for multiple stories with the "one per customer" rule so now she pesters me with asking for a drink of water, a specific toy, another trip to the potty, would go on all night if I let it.