Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Chanuka, oh Chanuka

Eliana: On Friday was my school's Chanuka party. First I showed Mommy how we use glitter.

Then I decorated a cookie,

ate it,

and made sure the leftover sprinkles didn't go to waste.

After that my class got up and sang a Chanuka song. Mommy forgot to put the camera on video mode, but it doesn't really matter because I didn't sing. I spent the whole length of the song trying to climb into Mommy's arms or at least hide behind her.

(At least I wore my candle crown.)

There was also candle lighting and dancing, but I preferred to sit on Mommy's lap and watch.

On Sunday night, the first night of Chanuka, I tried to light the candles by myself. Par for the course. I did the same thing last year! (Click here to see.) This year we lit in front of the Webcam (twice) so both sets of grandparents could watch.

The next night I helped Mommy make latkes. I had one bite

and then just ate the "yummy sauce" (applesauce).

I have learned so much about Chanuka in school. On Sunday I came home so excited to show off all the "poddy-ets" (projects) I made, including a 3D paper dreidle and a felt chanukiya (Chanuka menorah) with candles that can be velcroed on each night.

After school today Mommy and I sang some Chanuka songs.

Ami: I am learning new things too. On erev Chanuka I discovered my fist and have been sucking it happily ever since.

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Claire said...

I like the new colours on your blog! And all the pictures!