Monday, May 1, 2006

Today we had the big ultrasound at South Jersey Radiology Clinic Women's Center. The doctor in Israel said we could wiat till we get home at 27 weeks, but if G-d forbid there's a problem it would be too late to correct anything. So we decided to do it in America, even though we (meaning Grandma) will have to pay out of pocket.

The receptionist gave us lots of trouble for being foreigners. And silly Mommy forgot to drink 32 oz of water in an hour before the appointment, but it didn't really matter.

At first they didn't let Daddy come in. He was annoyed because he scheduled his whole speaking tour around this ultrasound! They took lots and lots of measurements - and Mommy's back was very sore because she walked all over NYC with her friends yesterday. The measurements took a long time and Mommy was nervous when they called in a second tech to find something the first tech couldn't find.

Finally Daddy was allowed to come in! He brought Aunt Sue, too. We saw Baby playing, and it looked like s/he was talking or maybe drinking some amniotic fluid. We also saw a 3D ultrasound, which Daddy said made Baby look like a volcano. Aunt Sue asked the tech to tell her Baby's gender but the tech wouldn't tell! Mommy reminisced about finding out cousin Eli's gender at Aunt Sue's ultrasound about 15 years ago!

Daddy had to leave straight from the appointment to give a speech in New York City, at cousin Mindy's college. He missed his bus so Aunt Sue drove him. She's great!

We hope to get good news soon about all the measurements and that everything with Baby Mango looks perfect!

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