Sunday, May 14, 2006

Today Mommy had a shortened Mother's Day with Grandma Helene before leaving for the next leg of her journey. She flew to Phoenix and met up with her friend Julie. (Julie's mom thinks Baby will be a girl because she does not look like a basketball!) Mommy had a fun few hours with Julie, who brought a doppler so Mommy could check Baby's heartbeat - 157!

On the phone, Alison said she and Elana also think Baby will be a girl. Alison asked Marty if he thought Baby would be a girl or a boy and Marty said yes. :) Then she asked Elana if the baby would be a girl or a boy, and Elana said a boy. Mommy said that Elana probably just repeated the last option that Alison gave her. Sure enough, Alison then asked Elana if Baby would be a boy or a girl and Elana said a girl!

Baby kicked the whole way to Phoenix and again on the plane from Phoenix to LA! Does s/he like flying?? Then Mommy met Daddy in LA, where they will stay tonight and see Uncle Izzy tomorrow before continuing to Australia tomrorow night.

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