Sunday, May 7, 2006

Today Mommy flew to Michigan to spend a week at Grandma and Zeide's house. When she walked out of the airport she was surprised to see Grandma standing by the car with a video camera. Suddenly, David Lehmann popped around the corner to surprise her! But boy was he in for a surprise when Mommy pointed to her tummy! David helped Mommy carry her luggage to the car and then they drove to his house to deliver the news to his family.

Grandma stood in front of Mommy at the Lehmanns' door, and David stood ready with the video camera. When Annie opened the door, Grandma moved aside and Annie did a double-take! She screamed and hugged Mommy and cried. Then Ruthie came downstairs and was shocked and screamed and jumped up and down too! All four ladies had a big jumping, dancing group hug, while Davidi got it on film for Zeidi, who had missed his flight from California.

Next, Grandma and Mommy went to visit Malca Katz, who hasn't been feeling well. Grandma again stood in front of Mommy at the door and made sure Malca left the screen door closed. When Grandma stepped aside, Malca jumped up and down and said she was feeling better already!


Then it was on to the shul dinner. The first person we saw was Alison. She was sitting at the registration table, and as soon as she saw Mommy walk in she shouted, "I knew it, I knew it!" She had had a dream that Mommy was pregnant a few months ago! Then Tansy Kraft (who was sitting next to Alison at registration) cupped her hand to her ear and asked Mommy to turn around so she could see if people were excited for the reason she thought they were excited!

Rabbi Silberberg said this was "fabulous, fabulous, just fabulous news." Rabbi Wineberg said he "wished he could give Grandma a 'proper' Mazal Tov." Rochel Wineberg didn't even notice and had to come over to us later and say "I can't believe you didn't tell me and I had to hear it from Avromi!" She said she looked at my face - she doesn't look at people's bellies because she wouldn't want people looking at her belly!

Mommy sat between Grandma and Alison at dinner. When Marty Hochbaum sat down next to his wife, Grandma pointed at Mommy's belly and asked excitedly, "did you see, did you see?" Marty (thinking Grandma was referring to Mommy), smiled and said, "I saw." Grandma said "you're going to be an aunt and uncle," and Marty asked, shocked, "WHAT?!" Apparently the buffet table had blocked his view of Mommy's belly during the smorgasboard!

Dr. Lupovitch was very happy and so was Betty Koloff and her father Mr. Kroll. Amira and Becky Skoczylas were very excited, and Andy Stawis was in tears. Alan Stawis gave Mommy advice (baby aspirin and support stockings) for her flight to Australia. Suzy Kellman and Sheryl Stollman promised to try not to tell their mom until Mommy could tell her in person. Everyone was happy to see Mommy eating "for two."

It was a long and exciting night. At the end, Grandma wanted to help Yael Gross clean up, but Yael told her to take Mommy home and put her to bed!

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