Monday, May 8, 2006

Today Mommy got her first comment from a random stranger about the pregnancy! While shopping in Strawberry Hills, the cashier, Danielle, asked when the baby is due and if it is a girl. Mommy said she was waiting to be surprised, but asked why the lady thought it was a girl. The lady said she thinks it's girl season - all the pregnant customers she's had have been having girls, whereas last year they all had baby boys. She told Mommy to make sure to give that baby girl lots of chocolate milk and goodies - and then she patted Mommy's belly!

Of course, then Mommy got a message that her friend Julie dreamed she had a baby boy....

When unpacking the groceries, Grandma saw that Danielle had packed the pickles and the ice cream together in the same bag. Haha!


And here's the good news (drum roll, please): A letter from the dr's office in NJ came to Grandma's house in Michigan with news that the ultrasound results were great!

- Baby is currently breech (nothing to worry about at this early stage).
- Heart rate 149 BPM.
- Baby's measurements were one week smaller than gestational age (no worries because Mommy was a small baby too).
- Heart, lateral ventricles, stomach, bladder, and cord insertion site all appear "unremarkable." (Daddy asked "WHAT about my baby is unremarkable?" Mommy reassured him that this was a good thing!)
- A three-vessel umbilical cord is noted.- Due to fetal positioning, the spine and kidneys are not well evaluated (that must be what the tech was looking for for so long).- The placenta is located posteriorly and shows no previa.
- A normal amount of amniotic fluid is seen.

Baruch Hashem! Mommy and Grandma gave tzeddaka after they read the letter.

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