Sunday, January 13, 2008

On Second Thought...

I take it back. I DO like broccoli after all. Cauliflower too (which I also spit out yesterday). Mommy was eating the veggies I left over from yesterday (that is, everything but the carrots) and I asked her for some. She was skeptical but let me have a taste anyway. I kept asking for more, more, more, and I did a dance of joy while I was chewing!

I also love oatmeal. Mommy made a big pot of it this morning and I must have had three or four bowls between brunch and lunch. I say "Mmmmmm" after every bite.

My new favorite book is My First Word Book. There's a ball on the cover! I love to point to the pictures and have Mommy tell me what they are. I sign or say all the ones I know. There are so many - body parts like hair, ears, eyes, nose and mouth, clothes like shoes, socks and hats, a phone, a chair, a book, a cat, a dog, a cow (well, "moo," but pigs and horses are also "moo"s), milk, cheese, crackers, banana, and butter (my new favorite food).

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