Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Like Mother, Like Daughter

This morning when Mommy took the pot of oatmeal out of the fridge for my breakfast, I pointed to the cabinet where the dishes are and said "pate." She needed to put my breakfast on a plate. (Actually, she chose a bowl. Fine, don't listen to me, Mommy!)

Then Daddy changed me and I screamed bloody murder, as usual, because those wipes are COLD and it is winter! He wouldn't want cold, wet wipes on his tushie either. Mommy said if I don't like the wipes then next time I make a poop I should do it on the potty.

I figured it was worth a shot, so I decided to sit on the potty right then and there, but I was done pooping. I tried again later but nothing happened. Then I finished my morning, took a nap, got up, had lunch, played with Mommy's hats...and then I had to poop again. So I ran into the bathroom, got my "pie" (just like Mommy called it when she was my age) and brought it to Mommy, and I made a poop in it and then we had another big celebration (I could get used to this)! I tried again one more time in the afternoon but nothing happened. That's ok, I figure better safe than sorry. Besides, potty time is quality time with Mommy. We read books and play and sometimes Coby comes over to give me a hug. Mommy was 18 months old when she was potty trained - but she says there's no rush, it's not a competition.

I love playing with Mommy's hats. I make her take out lots of them from her closet and then she has to put them all on top of each other, one after another. Then she says "Caps for sale, caps for sale, 50 cents a cap." I don't know WHAT she's talking about! She says it's a quote from some book that's from before my time. While we were playing I looked up and saw Mommy's shaw(l) hanging on the closet door so she showed me how to wear it. It's pretty. She was surprised that I knew the word "shaw." But I did repeat pretty much every other word she said today.

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Helene said...

I was so happy when your Mommy called this morning to tell me the good news about your going potty! Knowing you had to go & bringing the potty to Mommy are really BIG steps.