Thursday, June 24, 2010

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Ami: People are constantly marveling at my vocabulary. Yes, it is quite extensive for someone my age, but there is also the shock value of my mispronunciations to consider. Here is a list of some you might appreciate.

Ass - hat (OK, that was two months ago. I can say "hat" now)
Slut - slide (It's really more like "slud," but people hear what they're gonna hear)
Piss - piece (Like when I want a "piss" of "patza")
MILF - milk (I've never actually said MILF, but like I said, people hear what they hear)
Dump - I mean it as a verb, but when I bring Mommy a full potty and yell "DUMP!" (it in the toilet), for some reason she laughs.
Dick - stick (That's what I call my hockey stick. Let's just say Mommy's thrilled I can pronounce "puck.")

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