Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Cute List

Just a list of a few cute things I've said and done over the last few days:

I tried on Mommy's "pit-teen" (panties). I was annoyed that they didn't fit. Mommy said she'd buy me my own panties when I make in the potty every time. She said she'd get me Elmo panties but I want panties just like hers.

I was going through the clean laundry and asked Mommy if I could wear a particular pretty dress. She said "you can wear that dress on Shabbos." I said "shul!"

When the phone rings I say "Phone" (or "phone-y"). "Wingin" (ringing). "Talk."

I had a tummy ache and Mommy asked me if my tummy hurt. I said no because I didn't know what that meant. But then I figured it out and later I was playing with my dolly and said "Tummy. Hurt" and gave her a kiss on the tummy.

I was trying to take a clip out of my hair and pulled too hard. I said "Ouch. Sowwy." That was my first time saying sorry to anyone!

There were some beaded pins on the table. When I saw them I shouted "YAYA!" I made Mommy give a pin like that to Yaya in the summer because I know Yaya is more into jewelry than Mommy is. Then I took two pins and put one in each ear, for earrings.

I took all the diapers (nappies) out of the package, looking for the ones with pictures of dogs on them. (If I can help it I only wear the ones with dogs on them, but there are 5 or 6 other animals in the pack.) Every time I found a dog diaper I made nice to the picture of the dog. Then I said "Mommy. Turn. Nice" (Mommy's turn to make nice) and handed it to her.

I cut my dolly's fingernails (while sitting on the potty).

I have started calling Daddy "Abba." I learned it when Saba was here (because that's what Daddy calls Saba, and that's how Saba refers to Daddy) but now I also hear it from the kids at school. Daddy doesn't mind but I don't think Mommy likes it so much. Then again, I've been calling her "Meemee" for a few months now.

My best friend at school is called Shaked. If Mommy asks me "did you play with so-and-so today? Did you play with so-and-so?" I always say "No, no, no. Kedd-y!"

And one not so cute thing: I have very specific opinions about what I want (especially what I want to eat and what dishes/utensils I want to eat with) but I don't necessarily have the vocabulary to express exactly what I want. So I've been screaming a lot and yelling "That! THAT! That-y!" (Everything ends with "y" these days.) Mommy and Daddy are trying to explain that I need to tell them or show them what I want because it's not nice to hear me scream. But I'm not quite there yet.

Today I even tried something new: laying on the floor and kicking my feet. But Mommy doesn't fall for it because I'm watching her too closely for a reaction. She just acts fed-up and tells me she's going to leave the room until I stop screaming.

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Kathy said...

That pic of her trimming the doll's nails is too adorable. Meghan did the same thing with her bunny just last night but I didn't think to take a picture.