Friday, September 1, 2006

Home Sweet Home

I came home from the hospital today! Grandma was there to help, and Ariela met us at the house to help. She brought flowers and presents - and new shoes for Mommy, since hers got ruined when her water broke. Ezra helped carry things up the stairs too. Mommy went inside to greet Coby and give him lots of attention so he wouldn't be jealous. Then Daddy brought me inside to introduce me to my dog (whatever that is), Coby. Coby gave me a sniff and then walked away. He had absolutely no interest in me. That's ok, I didn't notice him either.

Getting dressed to go home
Leaving the hospital
Arriving home with Daddy, Mommy & Grandma
Ariela, Mommy & Me
In front of our apartment
Greeting the furry brown guy
Me & Doda Rella
Daddy & Me
Precious Little Princess

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