Saturday, September 2, 2006

The Mango has a Name!

Today I finally received my name: Eliana Miriam. Eliana because Hashem answered Mommy and Daddy's prayers by giving them a healthy baby girl after they waited for so long. Miriam after Daddy's Savta who passed away on Taanit Esther this year.

The naming was at Beit Knesset Ramban. Guests included: Grandma Helene, Miriam and Jack Maslin, Rachel and Yosef Bodenheimer, Gilad and Yaarit Bodenheimer, Sigi and Sefi Berry, Ariela and Moshe Cornfeld, Zev Stub, Simcha Landa, Ted Rose, Ezra Wanetik, Tom Weiss, Lynn and Reuven Secemski, Sam and Melissa Ser...

This was the first Shabbat that the new Beit Knesset was open after its extensive reonvations. There was a giant kiddush in honor of the chanukat habayit (which coincided with the date that the Ramban opened the first shul in Yerushalayim) and in honor of me, Eliana Miriam Hoffman.

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