Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mitzvah Menschen Missing Zayde

Tonight my Zayde had to go back home to Michigan on a hair-pane. Gamma started preparing me a few days ago. Yesterday afternoon when she put me down for my nap I started yelling "Dat! Dat! Datty!" and pointing to something under my crib. Gamma put me down so I could find what I was looking for. It was a picture of Zayde that had fallen out of my photo album. (For the last few days I have been sleeping with my photo album in my crib. I put it in a particular spot near my pillow.) I would not let Gamma put the picture of Zayde back in the photo album and insisted on sleeping with it in my hand.

After Shabbat ended Zayde wanted to go say goodbye to the Kotel so we all went too. It was Ami's first trip to the Kotel. Gamma held me while we davened. I took a note out of the kotel and put it in my pocket. Then I took it out and ripped it in half and put the pieces back in the Kotel.

Today we were counting all the mitzvot Ami has done since he was born. He had a brit mila, heard the Shofar blown, shlugged kapparot, did Tashlich, and ate in a Sukkah.

Zayde calls Ami his "Little Buddy" (like the Skipper called Gilligan, apparently) and totes him around everywhere. He even ate his lunch with Ami on his lap today (and got chulent all over him). Gamma says Ami has worry lines on his head because Zayde left. When Zayde was going I was sad and didn't want to hug him or say goodbye, but finally I did let him hold me and I gave him a kiss and went downstairs with him to meet his taxi. I'm going to miss him - but not as much as I'm going to miss Gamma!

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