Thursday, February 21, 2008

Gone to Town

I really wore Mommy out today.

First I had a playdate with Noah while Mommy went to an appointment. I didn't really mind when Mommy left because Noah's mommy was there, but then I made sure to keep an eye on her. When she left us with the babysitter I was upset for a minute or so, but then I had so much fun playing that I didn't want to leave - even after Noah went to bed!

When we got home the kids from the preschool downstairs were going outside to play so we joined them. I ate up most of their snack (I love fruit!) and rode the merry-go-round with them.

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Both at Noah's and with the daycare kids I enjoyed pushing dolls around in strollers, so Mommy said she will get a stroller for my doll. Yay!

After my nap we took a bus to town to run some errands. We waited a long time for the bus but I kept busy by making friends and running around. At one point I fell face-first in a puddle of mud. Mommy was more upset about it than I was. (I'm not the one doing laundry.) I learned the sign for "boo-boo" a couple of weeks ago and I love to sign it and say "boo." I almost never have an actual boo-boo, it's just fun to say. Sometimes I accidentally hurt Mommy (by throwing a book at her face or something) and she signs "boo-boo" and I kiss it better. When I shove a kid Mommy makes me give them a kiss too - but I don't understand that word "sorry" she's always trying to get me to say.

In town this evening we had a pizza date and then got some ice cream too.

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I got a great new hat because I threw mine out of the stroller a couple of days ago and lost it. Unfortunately I was playing with my new hat a lot while we were waiting for the bus home tonight, and I only realized after we got on the bus that I must have left it at the bus stop. Oh well, I guess that means Mommy will have to buy me another new hat! Haha!

Even though I'd been signing "bed" since the time we left the house at 5:30 (and even lay down on the ground at the bus stop while we were waiting), when we got home at 9:00 I made all kinds of excuses about not going to bed (as usual this week). I said I was hungry but only ate one bite of the bread and butter that I asked for. Then I asked for cereal. Mommy gave me a handful of Cheerios and let me take it to bed with me. I probably fell asleep before I even finished eating them.

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