Monday, March 5, 2007

This Spud's for You

Hurray for my first Purim! Daddy, Mommy & I dressed as Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head & Baby Spud. We were so cute (especially me). Coby didn't dress up this year because he hurt his leg last night. But people at shul asked if his cast was a costume.

We had the Seuda at Doda Rachel's house and everyone was there - Aunt Tahli, Yuval & Yoav, the Kedaris, the Berries, the Wexlers, the Bodenheimers (Bodi & Rachel), Jr. Bodenheimers (Oranit & Dikla, Gilad, Yearit, Tal & Alon) and Sr. Bodenheimer (Bodi's mother). Yuvali watched me so Mommy and Daddy could eat. Mommy got lots of great pictures. Here are some:
Family Seuda

with my cousins Yuval & Yoav (princess & cow)

with my silly Daddy

And here we are with family friends, Tamar, Sefi, Estie, Josh & Mendel Runyam, and our neighbor Dina (AKA Minnie Mouse):

Mommy made potato-themed mishloach manot - roasted potatoes, potato chips, potato kugel & mashed potatoes, in a bag with a drawing of Mr. Potato Head on it that said "Chag Ta-Purim Adama Sameach." She's so silly.

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