Friday, April 28, 2006

Start spreading the news...

Yesterday Mommy had an ultrasound and was able to see Baby's brain, heart, and spine. She emailed the new pictures to Uncle Izzy and cousins Nachama, Aliza, Hillel, and Naomi. She sent them all her phone number and waited to see who called first.

After many hours, nobody called! Finally Naomi signed online and Mommy told her to check her email. She left and came back an hour later. Some time after that, she finally checked her email and was so surprised and excited! She and Mommy talked online for a little while, and then she sent text messages to both Aliza and Uncle Izzy, telling them to check their email. Mommy stayed up waiting for Aliza to get home from work and call her, but finally it got to be almost 2:30 am and Mommy got too tired and went to bed.


In the morning while Mommy was walking Coby, she called Uncle Izzy to tell him the news. He had been dog-sitting for his boss and hadn't checked his email so he was very surprised! Later when he checked his email and saw the ultrasound, he sent Mommy this note:

your baby looks fat

good luck with that!

just kidding

Mazel Tov to both of you. It made me smile real big when i actually saw this.


Today is election day so everyone (except Daddy) is off of work. As soon as Mommy and Daddy voted, they drove to Aunt Tahli and Uncle Tomer's house in Kfar Sava.

Mommy took cousin Yuval to play outside, and told her that she and Uncle Gil are having a baby. Yuvali looked at Mommy's belly (which is still pretty flat) and said "Lo nachon!" Mommy explained that her belly will grow and grow as Baby grows and grows. Yuvali asked if it was a boy or a girl, and Mommy said she didn't know. Yuvali said if it's a girl we have to name her Shachar! (That's Yuvali's neighbor's baby's name.)

Then Mommy offered to let Yuvali tell the news to her parents. She saw her Abba first, so she whispered in his ear that she had a secret and he couldn't tell anybody. Then she whispered "L'Netanya yesh tinok oh tinoket." Her Ima walked in at this point and asked if she heard what she thought she heard. Yuvali whispered the secret in her ear as well.

As soon as the word got out, Mommy got a phone call from her cousin Aliza in America. Aliza was so excited and wanted to hear all about the pregnancy, but Mommy tried not to stay on the phone too long because she wanted to spend time with Tahl and Tomer.

After that we looked at ultrasound pictures together, and Uncle Tomer took out the ultrasound pictures of Yuvali to show her how she looks so much like our baby. Yuvali wasn't too interested - she just wanted to play.

Later we called Aunt Maya and Aunt Karen. Yuval had said she would tell them the news, but when it came down to it she was shy. Yuvali's Ima said we would get her a special present if she did it, so Yuval told them "To Netanya have a baby." Everyone was very excited and wanted to know all the details. Aunt Karen and Aunt Maya made fun of Daddy and said he would be too playful to be a daddy, but Mommy reassured him that he would be great!

Mommy started feeling weak from all the excitement (and from hunger) so after we told everyone the news, we went home.

Later, Mommy called Aunt Ruthie to tell her the news. She asked when Aunt Ruthie thought she might come visit next. Aunt Ruthie didn't know what Mommy was getting at, so Mommy continued that she thought Rosh Hashana time would be good....because that's when the baby is due! Aunt Ruthie was so surprised that she said it was a good thing she was sitting down when she heard the news, or she would have fallen over! Then she asked if Grandma Helene knew yet. OF COURSE Grandma Helene knew already!!!

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