Thursday, December 29, 2005

Good news, Daddy...

Mommy wanted to save the happy news to tell Daddy on Motzei Shabbat, which will be the 3rd anniversary of our engagement. But she couldn't wait anymore, so she made a special surprise.

Daddy drove Mommy home from work and then went on a quick shopping trip. While Daddy was at the store, Mommy wrote a poem (see below) on an accordion-folded sheet of paper. Then she put it in a ring box and gave it to Daddy as his Chanuka/early anniversary present.

Daddy was surprised and so so happy to find out the special news.

Three years ago,
on New Year's Eve,
you gave me a ring.

Tonight I am giving you
something even smaller than a ring.

But iy"H one day
it will be much, much bigger.

Hey, wait a minute...

We both know I only celebrate Jewish holidays!

I guess you'll have to wait until Rosh Hashana 5767....

to meet our
precious baby
boy or girl.

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