Friday, June 26, 2009

Graduation Day

Ami: Mommy finally caught me army-crawling across the room yesterday. Daddy says I've been doing it for at least a week but when Mommy puts me down I just stay in one place. Maybe it's to feed her desire to keep me from growing up too quickly. Daddy also says I sign "eat" (or at least point to my mouth when I'm hungry), but Mommy's never seen that. I know she would be happy if I signed.

Eliana: Today was my preschool graduation. First there was a processional of all four classes out to the chairs set up on the playground. (I stopped and had to be brought to the "stage" personally by one of the teachers.)

Then all the classes sang songs together and then each class got up and sang one special song. Ours was "Wheels on the Bus." I love that song. I didn't actually sing in front of the crowd, though. I know the words to all the songs; I don't feel the need to prove anything to anyone. When it was time for my class to stand up, I was shy and stayed in my seat. Mommy got up and helped me.

I had my hand in my mouth most of the time, which is what I do when I'm shy or nervous. I even sucked my thumb for part of the time, something I learned from my classmate Ezzy. I didn't want to wear my bus crown either. Eventually I put it on top of my hat.

When I got home and the pressure was off, I sang all the songs. Here I am singing some of them with Mommy at bed time:

Maybe when I'm older I'll like to stand up in front of an audience like Daddy. Or maybe I'll be shy in front of a crowd like Mommy. The important thing is that they let me be myself.

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