Saturday, August 19, 2006

What's in a name?

Last night Mommy dreamed that she and Daddy were late for Mango's bris, so Grandma Helene and Saba Stuart named him for them! They named him Benjamin.

When Mommy woke up and told Daddy the dream, he said he had dreamed that Coby had a human baby and Mommy had a puppy. He has had similar dreams before.
Daddy said that he has also dreamed that Mango was named by someone other than Mommy and Daddy. He said that once he dreamed that a rabbi named the baby Dudu - because Mango is due in Elul (Ani L'Dudu v'Dudu Li)!

Tonight Mommy and Daddy walked Coby together and talked about boy names (they have already decided on a girl name).

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